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Plasma fibroblast therapy refers to an aesthetic procedure that may help tighten and improve the appearance of the skin. Some healthcare professionals may offer this treatment as an alternative to laser, injection, or surgical therapies.
Plasma fibroblast treatment is a nonsurgical skin-tightening procedure that uses a high energy discharge to make a small wound in the skin. This can encourage cells known as fibroblasts to repair the skin and maintain firmness.
Nonsurgical skin tightening is a relatively common procedure. This less invasive treatment has a shorter recovery period than surgical options, but its results are not as dramatic and do not last as long.
Plasma fibroblast therapy is a newer technique, and therefore, there is currently little evidence to support its effectiveness.
In this article, we discuss what plasma fibroblast therapy is, as well as whether it’s effective and safe.


What is Plasma Fibroblast therapy?


Plasma fibroblast therapy is a cosmetic treatment that may help tighten the skin. Its other names are:

  • plasma skin resurfacing

  • plasma skin regeneration

  • plasma needling

  • plasma lift

This treatment aims to improve the skin’s appearance by using plasma, which is a hot, gas-like substance, to stimulate the fibroblast cells  in the deeper layer of the skin to repair the outer skin layers. Some institutions describe plasma as the fourth state of matter, along with solid, liquid, and gas.

A fibroblast is a type of skin cell that secretes collagen proteins in the dermis, the layer of the skin just below the outermost skin layer. These cells play an important role in wound healing and maintaining skin firmness and tightness.

A trained professional uses a pen-like device that discharges plasma for the treatment. By applying energy to a gas, it creates a cloud of charged ions that is extremely hot and emits electromagnetic radiation.

Using the device, a person can release a targeted, hot electric current to the skin to create a small hole, or microinjury, in the skin. In response to the microinjury, fibroblasts activate and attempt to repair and regenerate the skin.

This minimally invasive procedure is often described as “soft surgery” as the treatment delivers amazing results without the use of a scalpel, stitch, or bandage and it highly effective at treating fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, and skin tags, as well as reducing excess lower eyelid skin. With Fibroblast Tightening you can improve the appearance of scarring, including post-surgery scars and acne scars; diminish stretch marks; tighten loose stomach skin after pregnancy; and reduce lines and wrinkles around the mouth. 



Plasma skin tightening is relatively new in North America but has been safely and effectively performed in Europe for many years.  The precision device works by utilizing the voltage in the air between the device tip and skin to release a plasma charge.  This electrical stream, or arc, instantly shrinks the skin in the targeted area.  The tissue retraction give results that are comparable to invasive surgery.

Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening is more than a simple skin tightening treatment, so the effects should last as long as they would with invasive surgery. Like all surgical and cosmetic procedures, the effects of Fibroblast Treatment are not entirely permanent, as it does not stop further aging. The positive effects of the procedure will be noticeable immediately after the first treatment, but the best results will be seen by the 8th to 12th week as the skin has had time to go through a full regenerative cycle. This is dependent on age and each individual’s overall healing abilities, on the specific area being treated, the skin’s laxity, and individual response to treatment. Additionally, there are lifestyle factors that can prevent the result from lasting as long as they can, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and prolonged sun exposure. For some, an additional treatment may be required after 8 weeks for maximum results. Those planning on treatment should also be aware that their race and genetics can also have an effect of the length of beneficial effects.

-Non-surgical blepharoplasty – skin tightening of saggy upper and lower eyelids
– Skin lesions such as moles, skin tags, fibromas, warts, papillomas and xanthelasma, seborrheic keratosis
-Unwanted wrinkles on face – frown lines, crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, neck lines etc.
– Skin pigmentation, age spots on face or hands, sun spots, melasma, chloasma, freckles
– Scarring including stretch marks, acne scars and post-surgical scars
-Tighten loose stomach skin after pregnancy


Immediately after treatment, there may be a burning sensation. This will usually resolve during the remainder of the day although if it is particularly uncomfortable or persists for a longer period, then an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen can be taken. Swelling is common. This can be significant around the eyes and can last for several days and may lead to interference with vision in the initial period.Final results depend on severity of skin laxity or size of lesion, the desired result, the general condition of the skin and any pre-existing skin or medical problems. Reduction in skin folds and creases appear immediately. The tiny dark brown spots flake off over the following one to three weeks and the skin will heal within a similar period. Swelling is common and can be quite pronounced around the eyes, often worse the following morning and lasting for several days. The area may be tender as it is healing and may scab. It is important to allow any spots or scabs to fall off naturally otherwise scarring or infection may occur. As the treated skin is sublimated, the results often last years or permanently.

The treatment is very safe, as it is a non-surgical procedure. It has a negligible amount of possible side effects and serious complications alike. The procedure is based on the natural stimulation of skin regeneration, so the excesses which may be seen in the world of traditional surgery are not possible. The Fibroblast treatment takes a very short time, with stress on the aftercare, as, in case the client neglects the instructions for aftercare. Potential side effects are :pain,redness and swelling, itching, acne or millia formation, pigment changes (post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation), persistent redness, bleeding, oozing, crusting,blisters,burns, scabbing,  scarring, melasma.

Crusting will usually develop over the treated area, this will often initially be brown or black on the surface of the skin and flake off over the following days. It may take over 2 weeks to completely disappear. To maximise the effects of your Plasma Fibroblast treatment we advise to keep the crustations/discoloration intact for 5-7 days and not rub them off immediately. Keep the treated area clean, away from excessive moisture and protected using a broad spectrum sunscreen. Mineral make-up may be applied from the third day of the treatment onwards. Avoid exposing the area to extremes of heat or cold until it has healed. A printed aftercare sheet together with an aftercare gel will be provided to you after your treatment.

Non-Surgical Treatment – No Cuts, No Injections
This quick and easy procedure is low risk and requires no cutting or stitches. There is no injectable anaesthetic needed. With minimal side effects and very short down time, most patients are back to work the same day.

This procedure is the only one to non-surgically treat eyelids, reducing costs and pain. There is no thinning of the skin and the results are more uniform than ablative resurfacing. There are no asymmetries & no risks of over-correction.  Other areas such as neck, jowls, laugh lines, chin, and other areas resulting from age are easily softened up and tightened!
Enjoy huge cost savings and beautiful, long-lasting, natural results!

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The $100 deposit is non refundable, will be required to secure your appointment, sent thru Venmo, Cash app or Zelle. Please inform the artist if you need to change your appointment. Cancellations are accepted with no further charge if within 48 hours.

If you need to reschedule, you may call or text up to 7 days before the appointment.
Otherwise, deposit will be non-refundable. Not showing up to the appointment without contact will result in a charge of $25. Fee will need to be paid and a deposit must be made in order to book for another appointment.



Clients that are 15+ minutes late to their appointment will be cancelled without reschedule. No exceptions are made. All services have a set timeframe that needs to be followed. By being late, you risk the technicians not having enough time for other clients throughout the day. Please give yourself plenty of time to arrive.

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