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Training Courses

Have you been interested in beginning your journey into the permanent makeup industry, but didn’t know what route to take? Are you currently in the industry, but are looking to perfect your craft, gain clientele, or troubleshoot areas of your craft you are still struggling with?. With so many courses available, it’s difficult to know which one will provide the best curriculum and support you will need as a new or experienced artist. Our Private Training Courses specialize in everything you need to know to excel in the PMU industry, and provides support before, during, and after the course is completed. 

Just choose which training style suits you and your schedule the best, and you will receive the attention and support you need to have a successful start in your career.

For those who do not have the time for a week long training or prefer to stay for a longer time to get more practice in, we are now offering Long Term Training! With this training, you will be able to come when you have time or every day to practice, have the opportunity to shadow the trainer, and even work on your own live models! Courses with this option come with lifetime support guaranteed and access to our Student Group after completion for when you would like to talk to other artists in the same level that learned from us as well. Depending on your skills and learning pace, you might also be considered for a position in our very own salon, Theary Academy! Long Term Training is available for all courses EXCEPT FACIALS & PLASMA FIBROBLAST.

  • Models with supervision.

  • Starter kit included ( Brow mapping rulers and caliper, Pack of ten disposable needles, Full pack of Tina Davies’ I ❤ INK, Numbing cream and numbing gel...)

  • Physical certificate.

  • What you will learn in this course:

    • Mapping eyebrows and creating perfect shape for all kinds of face shape.

    • Choosing the right color that suites the clients skin tone and hair color.

    • How to control the depth of Microblading blade to get the best healed results.

  • The class also includes:

    • Color Theory and Color Correction for clients with previous work done by other artist

    • Taking the best photos and video editing to use as marketing. 

    • Marketing , social media skills

    • Live models for hands on training

    • A certificate of completion will be presented to the student when the class is done

Continued support after class.

A consultation is recommended for those interested in applying for any course. Once decided, a $500 deposit is required to book the dates and will be non-refundable. Please note any dates scheduled for classes are blocked out for the teacher to work  with students.

Call 206-775-5007 to book a consultation!

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